Az. Agr. Giancarlo Giannini

Loc. Vitiano 229, Ar Toscana, Italia

Tel. +39 0575.97370/979599

Fax. +39 0575 979599

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P.IVA 00342540515






The family Giannini has a real ancient background and history.

They produce Extra Virgin Olive oil from many generation sin their olive groves located in the small village of Vitiano south of Arezzo in Tuscany.

Records of the family date back to 1300 oil production, which in a later period (1600) the oil mill.

Outside the facility is possible to admire the old wheel that was used to press the olives.

Today the mill has been completely renovated and equipment are constantly updated with the latest technology to maintain high the final quality.

The whole process is followed with care, from harvesting to production till packaging.

The passion for oil has led the company to achieve prestigious awards.



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